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[Yitien] Superior Heavenly Peak Dungeon and Level 110 equipments [Guide]

I'm back! But I'm not sure if this is for good. I am back playing from getting busy at work for 3 months. I just back this July and Yitien got a lot of new features! Like Baby System, Scroll System, Class Scroll System, Mia Dash and now the New HP dungeon called Superior Heavenly Peak where you can get new equipments for level 110!

Superior Heavenly Peak

This is the new dungeon, we call it HP2 or SHP, this is the advanced mode of normal HP where the mobs are more difficult. However, you cannot do the normal HP anymore if you do the  SHP. It is the same things applied to normal HP, so you can only choose 1 dungeon.

Non- VIP = 15 times of skips + 2 chances daily
VIP = Unlimited Skips +3 chances daily

~Each boss starting from lvl 3 may drop items like equipments, epic accessories and baby bottles.
~Starting from Level 39 Bosses dropping  Armor and Jewelry Shards

Revive: If you are dead, you can use revive for 25 ingots and it will give your team full HP and Chi again.

The Level 110 equipments

1. Level 110 Armor shards

2. Level 110 Jewelry Shards

3. Weapon Shards

The weapon shards can get from Lucky Exchange where you have to purchase lucky exchange pills using ingots or for free players, you can get it from fishing event.

Anyway the amount is not a joke. You can curse the r2 later. :p
In our server, we have 1 player who already got the 1st ever weapon. (Later check the picts.)

converting and creating new equipment.

Open Forge (E)

Materials to be needed:

1. Epic Medals
 ~ Have you collect and save medals after you complete  level 90 equipments? If yes, you are wise.

2. Manuals
~Use epic medals to buy corresponding manuals for what you need. See Medal shop, page  4-5.

3. Holy Stones

 ~ You need 20 Holy Stones (HS) for every forge.

4. Level 110 Shards
 -You need 20 shards for each equipment for armor and jewel. For weapon you need 7 pieces but it's quite harder than armor and jewel as you see from the pictures above.

5. Silvers 
~ You need a lot silvers for this since it's higher grade equipment, for forging, converting, refining, refresh mini holy stones for skill.

6. Mini Holy Stones
~ For refreshing Skills or upgrade.

7. Greater Refine Stones
~ For refresh equipment attributes 

8. Greater Socket Stones 
~ For opening a socket to transfer your gems


Katsumi's Eternal Ring
Courtesy of Katsumi, s1, Divine Dream lvl 111 Max enchant


The new Power Card System, don't worry if you use card already in your old for that can be transferred to your new!

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Odin Quest

Odin Quest is the second MMO I am liking now for 1 year already after I played Dynasty Saga, Heroic Odyssey and Yitien. Odin Quest is a North Mythology based action ARPG/MMORPG with decent and creative PVE&PVP systems. It’s also the most popular ARPG on facebook and gamebox.Start your journey now to become one of the brave explorers in North Mythology.Playing with Friends is the most fun part of Odin Quest! Team up with your friends and explore different dungeons together!

Odin Quest is a browser-based ARPG game with Nordic Myth background. The outstanding visual effect has ensured players a real experience in the lost magic world with thrilling dungeons, guide fights and pet competition.

What I like here is this is not auto battle system, purely pvp style!

I'm always VIP in every browser game like this, I hate if I am not, I have my three reasons:
1. I hate walking and running. I want free teleport via map!
2. I hate walking back and forth going vault and store. LOL
3. VIP beside your name is awesome. HAHAHA!

At my previous games since Dynasty Saga, my first ever browser game, I'm a top player and a medium donator, VIP 7. There is a  ranking  in VIP from VIP1-10, they classified that from how many gold you have purchased and that VIP will give you many priveleged, actually my friend help me recharge so I got high VIP back then.  Second is Heroic Odyssey, The VIP there is different from DS, VIP at HO is like you just buy VIP for how many months, and of course the purposes of being VIP are the freebies and bonus or buff. But many people quit that game already because of BUG that the developer cannot fixed so they close the game already. Next is Yitien, at the first there are many players who recharged for VIP and for items. Yitien VIP is a bit different also, what you got is free silver that I can tell that is very cheap silvers only. A 250 energy and a buff for 30 minutes. That's all, no teleport, the one that I want if I am VIP. But glad they have vault and store option which you don't have to run very long. You know why I want teleport in that game? Because there is a exercise from daily quest that you have to run to dungeon, sometimes  I really hate it when you are already high level. For example, you are level 80, and you are at the main city, the main city is lvl 30, so you have to run run run for your life! And it will took you 30 minutes just to finish daily quest. Sometimes the exercise will make you headache because of 4-5x. That time I am saving vouchers because chariot a bit expensive. Hahahaha.. But, what can I do, I keep buying chariot? Yes. Or I will not do daily quest. Since then, I never do daily quest. HAHAHAHAHA.

So that's why I always wanted to be  VIP. If I am not. I will not play. I will be lazy. Hahahaha.. LOLS.That's my story of VIP in game. I'm very lazy.

Warrior, Priest, Mage, Assasin (ooops! where's the hunter?)

The most expensive wedding Luxury; husband: Jikael

Inside Purification Dungeon

At Frozen Forest, wearing  silverwings costume (Deluxe-purple- Level 10)

Angel Wings (Maxed Level 10, purple grade)

Daimon Slayer title from finishing Test level 100

My new Soul Blade purple refresh, it's very hard and expensive to get! :P I think I'm 4th or 5th player who got it at s1.

Level 10 wings can unlock Flying mode!!!! ^.^

Inside Alliance Dungeon, we are both wearing costume.

SUPER CHARM TITLE! CUTIEE right. I still have  2k+ roses and buoquet at my vault. Huhu. And before I quit, I bought this Pet Purgatory Tiger King and named it Neferpitou.

I transfer this blog post to here because of the set up of my other blog post.
I already quit this game since June. It was fun game anyway.

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Sun ♥

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hello Hero (Reviews and Hero Description)

Hello Hero Everyone!
Hello Hero is a wonderful game. It's a fast paced strategy game, with strong community components, where you can set up your favorite Hello Hero team and fight against:
  • Other players
  • Hundreds of NPC's
  • Frightening, Gigantic world bosses!
Join the adventure and protect the world with roughly 200 characters, choosing among the most dangerous enemy or the loyal armon guards!
The game was released many months ago in Korea, with a localized version. But since October 24th 2013, there is one international version!
What are you waiting for? Become part of this wonderful journey, together with thousands of people, battling, chatting, having fun...!
We hope to see you soon in game!
This wiki will gather all the available info about this amazing game! Anyone can contribute, if you want to give your support, we will be happy to see it!


Play this game via Facebook or download it in your mobile from Google Play or App store. Easy to play. Play For Free. You can recharge if you want, anyway it's easy to gain carats and honors here if you are active.

I started to play Hello Hero June 29 or  June 30 i think. And I just finished all my  daily log in rewards on July 26, 2014 *edited. Hehe I am 1 month playing this game already!

I will show you my currently heroes:

3 star: MASTER

Isis is a Sorceress  Isis little sister version that has the ability to AOE (Area of Effect) and its crits very painful, somehow, since she's a 3 star, you have to find 4-6 star AOE, with at least 55% damage, but i really like Sally, 70%

Enhanced Hero
My lovely Tanker that never leave me. He is the only provoker I have and He is very useful until now to me. Arena, Dungeon or Mission. Anyways, I don't use tanker at Time Attack and Boss Raid.

 4 star: EPIC

I like this Rag doll. He always crit even I don't equip him with increase crit.

My only Heal all allies hero. And a stunner. But she heals 20% only, very low, I have to look better one.

Oh, I just like his aura.

Same as Dark Listic. The aura. lol

I love this mafia guy. Even I only use 1 dealer  at arena, he can kill all enemies , aside from high dexterity(chance to do normal attacks) His damage is high + a smoke bomb which is to confuse enemy.
One of my favorite cute  girl hero. I wish I could get her elder sister Sally and Sorceress Isis. Hehehe then i can make a  all girl team already! ^^

Pink octopus. Its just he is cute when throwing bubbles. AOE type.
healong cactus. heals all allies for 2 turns  and increase all allies dexterity
Fincons gift!
This is very nice type of hybrid, Remove all spells from enemies and Heal ally. I wish he can heal all allies. :/
This Lady is cool. She can revive and Stun enemy too.

5 star: UNIQUE
I got him from Fuse. Oh and he is a stunner and freeze type again. Erm. Why HH like give me a spellcaster hero ._.
cutie patootie little maid. remove spells from an ally and recover 20% health
one of my favorite cutie ball. Hehehe heals an ally in 2 turns and revives an ally!
increase all allies focus and attack an enemy and freeze it. i don't like him, but hes good in arena and boss raid. hehe
Enhanced Hero Tudede :)
Hmmmm.... I am never a fan for real of a Samurai hahaha >.<
And  I don't know why Hello Hero won't let me have a very nice hero. Huhuhuhu. lol
 very useful fighting Big Nose.

And these are the heroes from Lucky Players that I want to get!
6 star: LEGEND (Highest class)

Invisible man, lol  and increase critical rate, and  unable to use skills and attack.

She's the Greatest Nurse. Heal all allies and Revives all allies.Anyway I also want to get the cactus healer that sings. or plays guitar :P

Cutie cute AOE hero with a chance to freeze and attack all enemy and  chance to stun too! What a bully girl.

Yah here is the cute monk that heals all allies for 2 turns! And remove enemy spells from allies. OHA!

This bully turtle. 200% attack damage with stun and Immune himself from damage for 3 turns. Sigh.


Just happy  I beat higher  level than me with scary heroes.. like apophis, rebecca, striker, etc..>_<

Oh well this is just my reviews.
Hope you like it.

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