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[Dynasty Saga] Shu Kingdom: Prestige Generals Review

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Take note: Before acquiring a title and land of his own, Liu Bei recruited an army to help defend the Han against the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Among the many warriors that swore allegiance to him were Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. The three would vow a pact of brotherhood, one that would forever be recorded in history as the “Oath of the Peach Garden.” Following the death of Dong Zhuo and the advent of Cao Cao, Liu Bei and his oath brothers formed the kingdom of Shu, seeking to restore the splintered empire to its former glory.

List of Shu Prestige Generals

TitlePrestige NeededGeneral NameUnit TypeUnit  FeatureGambitGambit  Description
Senior  Attendant500Zhang  BaoMounted BowmanHigh  Critical Strike rateThunder StrikeDeal a  high damage attack to a single target
Senior Clerk6000Fa ZhengFlood LordStronger  version of Rain Caller
Junior  Secretary20000Zhao  GuangPhoenix RiderAll stats  boostedDemoralizing ShoutReduce  morale of all enemies
Senior  Secretary25000Sun QianPyromancerHigh  success rate
Supervising  Secretary30000Fei YiThunder CallerLow  success rate, High damage
Associate  Censorate38000Fu ShirenGuerilla CorpsHigh  InitiativeFull OnslaughtAttack  all enemy targets
Auxiliary  Censorate43000Mi FangMarching  BandAdds  Morale to one target
Senior  Censorate50000Qin MiInferno SquadHigh  damage and InitiativeLine breakerAttack a  row of enemies
Executive  Censorate60000Ma LiangWoodland RangerHigh  Counterattack rateSweeping OffensiveAttack enemies in an area
Chamberlain80000Ma ShuDoombringerCause  panic on successful attacks
Vice  Director90000Deng ZhiIron RamSingle  target attack
Director100000Liao HuaStormbolt ShooterHigh  Critical Strike rateSpearheadAttack a  column of enemies
District  Lord130000Jiang WanCorps of  DrumsAdds more  Morale than Marching Band
District  Governor150000Wang PingDragon  KnightHigh  DefenseSneak AttackAttacks  enemy at the back and stuns
District  Magistrate170000Guan PingBlitz CavalryHigh  InitiativeDemoralizing ShoutReduce  morale of all enemies
Regional  Inspector190000Guan SuoTree ChuckerHigh  damageTreacherous PloyCause  enemy units to betray to join your forces
Regional  Lord210000Zhou CangThunder  CatapultStronger  version of Catapult
Regional  Governor240000Guan XingPike  BrigadeIncreased  damage against CavalrySubterfugeDecrease  target's Morale to 0
Regional  Magistrate260000Xu ShuFire BullDamage  all enemy troops
Counselor310000Zhao TongRedwood  TowerStronger  version of Siege Tower
Grand  Counselor340000Huang  ZhongEquine NatatorHigh  chance to BlockThunder StrikeDeal a  high damage attack to a single target
Commandant370000Pang TongSummonerAttack  damages multiple enemy targets
Vice  Chancellor420000Wei YanShadow riderHigh  Critical Strike rateDemoralizing ShoutReduce  morale of all enemies
Chancellor440000Ma ChaoLion BrigadeHigh  damageInspiring BlowSteal  some Morale from the enemy target
Defender-in-Chief450000Jiang WeiTortoise  TankDefensive  unit
Counselor-in-Chief460000Zhang FeiMaul  InfantryHigh  damageBerserker RageDeal  more damage with more unit losses
Duke470000Liu BeiPhoenixAll stats  boostedIron WillMaximise  defense for one round after activation
Prince480000Guan YuPhoenix  CrossbowAll stats  boostedDesperate MeasuresRemains  active once morale is full


Zhao Yun

Zhuge  Liang

Storm  Lord
High  chance to Block

Stronger  Version of Thunder Caller
GuardianSpiritRemains  active once morale is full,deals both normal and gambit damage
increases  defense for next round

These are the most useful generals in SHU.. I also put some comments.Anyway, I didn't use all of them..Just some researches and info..Just making this thread for some people don't have any idea about Shu generals.

Mi Fang - Game Description: 55/55/63 (Marching band) Add morale to one target. AT very early game you can use him, if you want use 3 generals which buffs morale. 1 gambit, 2 drummers, 1 dancer and 1 marching band. Based on the thread I have read before, Marching band can failed to boost morale. Use him until you get your 3rd drummer.

Fa Zheng - Game Description: 57/46/78 (Flood Lord) Flood Lords have an average success rate, which means also good rate which can deal a lot of damage.So painful. I really hate flood lords. He has a bad bravery which means cannot last long to the battle if you face some gambit type generals. You can recruit him at very early game.

Guan Ping -History Description: The adopted son of Guan Yu. Guan Ping is a courageous young man inspired to follow in the footsteps of his beloved father.
Game Description: 74/85/42 (Demoralizing shout) Unit type: Blitz Cavalry. Meaning high initiative. One of demoralizer of Shu. He is good since he has a good unit type.

Ma Su - Game Description: 63/41/83 (Doom bringer) Very early stunner for Shu. Can mix up with stampede general or any. Advantage of doom bringer is one, you will have 1-2 turns chance to stun enemy (depends) Disadvantage comes with the gambit users most likely morale once stocked once stunned so the next time that the enemy gambit will be very strong. Doombringer no need books. Very cheap investment to him.

Fu Shiren - Game Description: 63/78/27 (Guerilla Corps) High initiative. Shu's Full Onslaught. Who said that Fsr is weak? FSR cannot pass kingdom or taiping/qing? He can pass it.. It depends how you build it. FSR very good in early until middle campaign. Since you can get him at 38k prestige. Even in PvP he is also good can dodge, block.. can also pace with Wei's Hua Xin. Somehow, you also need to change him and use better and stronger gen. (click sample br)

Guan Suo - Game Description: 70/99/36 Third Son of Guan Yu. (Tree Chucker) High damage (Since archer hasnatural critical) I used to call him as "Vampire gen".He is one of the strong and useful prestige general, Equip him with your strongest gears on him then he will become a super vampire. Also to Survive very long. Good in PvP especially in campaign. You can pass easily in campaign if you have him. Good also against siege (Just put him the best maxed armor and do maxed enlight STR+BRA) Can use for a long term too.Bad thing is he has a poor INT.Weakness to if he face strong demoralizer. (click sample BR)

Zhou Cang - History Description: Zhang Bao's General during Three Kingdoms period..

Game Description: 73/88/44 (Thunder catapult) Damage a row of enemies. You can use him to damage the support units of enemies.Especially with enemies using anvil,diamond, or any form can hit with that by row. (Click sample BR)

Wang Ping - Game Description: 78/91/30 (Dragon Knight) High defense. Sneak attack. Ok, if u want to build a super stunner team.Advantage for the anvil user with gambits at the rear or any for only 1 gambit enemies.As long as you have been hit by that gambit its ouch. Disadvantage is single target only and not good as main attacker only.

Liao Hua - Game Description: 63/82/47 (Stormbolt shooter) Meaning=High Critical strike rate. Strongest spearhead general. Has a very decent strong damage. Mostly Shu Players use him. Can be used for long term. Campaign, PvP. Can pace up with Wei's Hua Xin.. (click sample br)

Zhao Tong - Game Description: 88/82/53 (Redwood Tower) He is better than Zhang Liao. He is also handsome compared to him. (lol) If you are Shu use him.. Equip with your strongest weapon and maxed it (Purple/Red) Some players put him in the first post to 1 shot the dancer. I hate redwood.Be careful of his critical. Somehow,in latter campaign, siege having a hard time for enemies (suffering from block and dodge)

Zhao Guang - History Description: Second son of Zhao Yun

Game Description: 81/95/59 (Phoenix) All stat boosted. Shu maybe doesn't knows that he is the best shu demoralizer. ^_^

Huang Zhong - History Description: Huang Zhong is one of the Shu’s Five Tiger Generals. He earned his reputation as a combatant later in life and is held in high regard for his experience on the battlefield.

Game Description: 83/94/50 (Equine Natator) Meaning high chance to Block. Thunder Strike. Strong single target Gambit.

Ma Chao - History Description: Driven by the memory of his late father’s demise,Known for his bravery and deep sense of justice, one of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu.

Game Description: 78/112/48 (Lion Brigade) High damage.Steal some morale from the enemy target. Has a good stat. Very useful in latter game. Also complicated to use,but he can be good in some enemy formation and facing enemies with morale.(sample br)

Wei Yan - History Description: Wei Yan is devoted to Liu Bei and is eager to repay this lord for the trust he has placed in him.

Game Description: 73/97/68 (Demoralizing shout) Unit type: Shadowrider. Means=High critical strike. Can also dodge.

Zhao Yun - History Description: One of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu, Zhao Yun, also known as the “Little Dragon,” is the embodiment of a true hero.He is a very great warrior of three kingdoms.

Game Description: 95/100/80 (Immortal) Guardian Spirit. He has a very nice stat. Very useful for campaign. Can be used as a super tanker. can block. (click sample BR) Combine normal and gambit. which means good defense, but not much in attacking.
Guan Yu - History Description: “God of War” Liu Bei’s closest friend and oath brother. Amagnicifcent warrior who's feared amongst other kingdoms.

Game Description: 99/104/65 (Phoenix crossbow) All stat boosted. Can dodge, Block, Crit, Oh, very nice stat. Desperate Measures (remains active once morale is full) You must have him and best in latter campaign. (click sample br)

Zhang Fei - History Description: The youngest of the three oath brothers, Zhang Fei is said to have the strength of 10,000 men. He can be loud and brash, and is usually seen as a drunken buffoon.See his INT too low :p
Game Description: 82/113/28 (Berseker Rage) High damage. Deal more damage as more unit losses are suffered. Zhang Fei is the Strongest Berseker Rage in game. Equip with very strong cloak, armor and horse will be very effective. (click sample br)

Pang Tong - History Description: “Fledgling Phoenix,” Pang Tong is a shrewd strategist and scholar, matched in wits with Zhuge Liang. He was instrumental in the defeat of Cao Cao at the Battle of Chi Bi.
Game Description: 77/43/108 (Summoner) Have a chance to damage all enemies.But as you see he has a low bravery. Cannot longer live in pvp.Since he is late pres general, you can still use him, mid game + If you are a spell caster build. (click sample br)

Zhuge Liang - History Description:. aka "Sleeping Dragon" Foremost military strategist during threekingdoms period. Many declare him to possess the keenest mind in all of China.

Game Description: 97/53/120 (Storm Lord) Strongest Storm Lord in game. Low success rate = needs luck to success.*sigh,he deals a high damage when it's success,you will surely feel his pain stun. You need to reincarnate him as much as possible. Useful somehow in campaign. Still, Casters poor in PvP,Unlike Zhou Yu of Wu, he has low bravery.

Liu Bei - History Description: The wise and compassionate leader of Shu was born into poverty but rose to prominence during the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Liu Bei is a distant relation of the fallen Han Dynasty.
Game Description: 92/93/76 (Iron Will) All Stat boosted. Maximize defense in 1 round activation. Can be used as a tanker in some formation in campaign,successful gambit--damage only to him will be -1,-2.

More information will be posted soon.

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Ps: Special thanks for my Shu Family who share their BR's with me.. (hahaha)
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