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[Dynasty Saga] Shu Kingdom in Latter Stages

Entering Taiping Rebellion --- Onwards

-Think what is your goal in this combines forecasting of developments with the preparation of your armies. It can be described as predicting what the future will look like = future stages (need luck, block problem, super normal damage, weak defenses, more dodger armies, region war, battle ponits and grain losses, etc) If you want to be strong and fast finishing campaign, focus in campaign method and give up at first about PVP! You will know about it later.
What Should you do?  = Without planning or thinking what strategy, --- and if you don't have passion or interest in this game, you won't guarantee SUCCESS!

5 keys: Patience, Endurance, Passion, Focus and ENJOY!!-----then pray. -.-

Or Picking right generals, who's general will you select for latter stages.
Your priority should be deciding whats you main attacker will be.


1. Demoralizer is a must have. I consider demoralizer as a main attacker. It's very useful until the very late game. Good for campaign and pvp. In Shu, there are 3 demoralising shout generals: Zhao Guang (75/85/59 (Phoenix) All stat boosted),Guan Ping (74/85/42 Unit type: Blitz Cavalry.Meaning high initiative) and Wei Yan(73/97/68 Unit type: Shadowrider. Means High critical strike). But I would like to suggest that pick Zhao Guang, if you didn't notice it, you may check and compare. Good Unit type among the 3 demoralizing shout general in Shu. He is the most good one for me. Using Demoralizer might want to maximize defense over damage to make sure you use this gambit almost every turn and as such, negate other gambit usage.

2. Guan Yu - Desperate Measures. A must have. One dangerous gambit! Since continuous gambit, he won't miss a turn anytime as long as he will accompanied by drummer. Enlightening 2 stat (STR and BRA) would make him last in campaign. By using him, your gambit every turn will damage your enemy heavily.

3. Zhang Fei - Shu's Berseker Rage. One of the Best of Shu, because of its unit type and high stats. "Block type" Good one for campaign. Same as Guan Yu, You should do by now Enlightening his STR too. Don't bother getting him, he is useful in many ways.

4. Zhuge Liang - Strongest Storm Lord in game.Because of it's poor success rate, Shu players don't like to use him. But he can be a tank in campaign. Since late game so many "ohmygoodness lords" i mean caster, erm.. Since every success of our Great Zhuge Liang producing imba damage plus stun effect. They would hate it. About books, Yellow books still fine since he is storm lord, just maxed it till you finished Ming and you can get a red book,a reward from Ming Dynasty Clearance.

5.Liao Hua/Nuer Hachi - Spearhead type general. Use Liao Hua until Ming is ok until you get  NHC. If you want to continue use spearhead till late game, switch your Liao Hua to NHC already. He is very useful since he is a continuous gambit. Can help you pass campaign easier. Especially in PvP.. For shu, very limited at late stage using dancers. (Use NHC til you get GK)

6.Guan Suo/Shidakai - Vampire type.This gambit can be really annoying if you are up against it. Both restore units every successful gambit. SDK  heals half but continous gambit, while Guan Suo heals full depends on the units that enemies lost due to his gambit damage.You can use either of the 2, but it's also OK you use both. Guan Suo is very useful til late.

7. Hong Xiuquan and Jiang Wan - Drummer. Use them to tank, put them behind attacker. If you will form 2 gambits, 3 drummers recruit back Liu Biao (hide only). I suggest better use 2 drummers than 1 dancer and 1 drummer.

Secondary/Support Generals

1. Zeng Guofan/Zhao Yun - Zeng Guofan known as "King of Block" Super useful. Combine STR and Bra only. But, you can use him even though you enlight only his STR, just give him the best and enhanced weapon (better if maxed) no problem if he dont have horse or even enlighten his Bra, as long as he keep blocking attacks, it's ok. Zhao Yun gambit is Guardian Spirit. Combines str and bravery also. His unit type is high chance to block. Good for defense (gambit or normal) If you already have ZGF, no need to get ZY.
*Liu Bei - Iron Will type and has versatile unit type. Phoenix. which reduces all Normal and Gambit damage to 1 or 2 units. it is very useful when your troops are outnumbered because you will be able to use it constantly.
3. Ma Chao - Shu hates NHC and sdk, Use Machao, steals morale, nice idea right? In Pvp, he's a threat. Anyone could share BR from MC? PvP or campaign. But somehow, in campaign, he can be use limited only. Means, you can use him in some situation when your demoralizer(or if no demoralizer, use mc) needs help.

5. Hua Tuo - If you have a poor defense in campaign, he can help to take back "some" of your armies damage taken. It's okay if you don't have red or purple books, yellow books will do. Reincarnate him as much as possible, do enlight his str for campaign (Str and Int if possible) so he can be use as a tank.

7. Diao Chan or Caiyan - Some still using dancers up to Ming in Shu. But somehow, in every enemies that you will face in some stages,you will still need dancers to boost 100 morale accompanied by at least 1 drummer. Hide her. (E.g. when facing elites with 2-3 casters) If you decide to use 2 drummers, dump her and recruit again if you need her.

*I don't prefer to use Zhu Yuanzang, (it is said to be reduce damage from spell) If you don't enlight him all stats,do not trouble yourself use him. About Liu Bowen, His damage cannot compare to a Flood Lord. But Lbw (elementalist) can attack straight like spearhead. Qi jiguang is said to be a great catapult (siege) but I preferably don't recommend siege in late game (unless you want to play with luck and suffer heavy blocks) I still haven't see someone using Minmin, But I think she is best coz she can be a tank for spell and normal since she's combine str and int. For GK, Genghis Khan, You can swap your NHC with him already. Good luck.

*If you want to play or build siege, you can get  Shu's Zhao Tong which is Red wood Tower (High Crit), Qi Jiguang in Ming (High critical,stronger than catapult), which is Armageddon catapult. Use siege if you like,  if you don't mind getting blocked and suffer block damages in late stages.

*This is only the useful ones for shu in late game, recommend for everyone.You can use any hero (gambit,siege,casters)  that you want, it is still your game.

-Arrangement of your armies. You have to choose the correct generals to use to pass campaign. But it's up to you if you want to use casters or siege here. By the way i am a gambit build player.

If you want to be strong you have to be efficient and have more patience and FOCUS. and you have keep progressing no matter what you're doing. No reason for stopping and stay for some testing or what. After Taiping, you can stay at some level because remember every level that you up it may decrease the bps you can get from legion battles (Taiping,Qing,Chuang,Ming,etc)

-One of the most important Resources in Game.
Weave, Mine Wars, Caravans, Taxes, Impose gold to taxes, I know as of now, Many higher level players already got high amount of gold. Use it to impose at least 3-5x a day, it can be also add to your Treasury. Spend your silver efficient and wisely.Your generals in nothing if they don't have good enhanced gears. Think of the amount of silvers you can get, with that you can help yourself stronger, faster you can build your city, enhance faster your gears.

Keep doing research helps you to get stronger. Do not stay at weaker level, because if you really want to be stronger, level up (but make sure you can still get good BPs) because every level that you up is deduction of BPs you can get. Battle Points in higher level is really a problem, Especially in Kingdom with few or lack of players. Just Patience..

-Armors and Horses is the most important in campaign! Upgrading a little cloak will do for gambit defense in case they do gambit attack. Strong and Powerful horse means faster battle and fewer casualties.

TP and Qing: You should have maxed horse here at your level followed by armors. Armor since enemies do more normal damage than gambit attack, especially if you have demoralizer. Before or After KC prepare your 5 red cloaks, even it's not maxed, enchant it for bravery boost.
King Chuang: Preparation - Collect at least 3 red armor. For sure you already merged 1 samadhi breastplate from taiping stage. But 2 red armor and 1 purple is enough already. Enhance armors at least 1,900. I recommend you maxed it for your front liners.Enchant it too if your generals are lacking normal def. (im talking about STR stat) Enchantment of armors will boost your str stat. I suggest to farm STC (Snake Tortoise Cuirass or (MB) Mamba Breastplate only = equip for level 80--85) No need to waste your rallies and time for finding frags to Yang Xiuqing or Song Xian and Shen Pei for (DA) Dragon Scale Armor (equip lvl 72) because not only for its low drop rate,also because of it has many battle remaining which i believe "the more battle remaining,the lower chance you can get a frag". Anyway, I saw many people rushing in campaign, but if you rush then your gears aren't good then its nothing. You need to wish for Luck to guarantee your success!

Ok, You should already have your 2nd horse here and maxed. 3 red horses if you are 3 gambiter. Maxed your horse and enchant them as well to gain more bravery. Enchant horse for your demoralizer. Make sure he can demoralise 60 to your enemies, if not, Enchant your horse/Cloak more. If he cannot demoralise 60, demoralizing shout is nothing. Shu has a lot of preparation than other kingdoms.About Cloaks, no need to be hurry to collect 5 red cloaks. As long as you have demoralizer in your team, cloaks aren't that important. Maxed at least 2 red cloak can be.

About weapon: Vernal Dragon Blade (levl 80) and Taoist Frost Blade (lv 85) are the most useful purple weapon,equip to your gambit generals: sdk, zgf, nhc, lzc, (late campaign recruitable generals) so on so forth. ZGF very useful for blocking even though he only using enhanced weapon and wash str. For enchantment, For adding  normal def stat for others, I know for sure you already have or got at least red weapon before. Enchant it and equip to your supporting generals dancer, drummer, or second attacker or if u have healer, etc. It will help to gain more STR since purple is very expensive to enchant.


- Collect sufficient or even more BPs for your enlightenment, I suggest do not use gold, as a normal player, better use BPs than the 2 gold way.. BPs became Scarcity for higher levels already. Please use your BPs wisely.
After Taiping,
- Level to 101. Stay for that level in a mean time, 3.3k BPs per run!?? You can achieve your goal in a short period of time. (at least 500k Bps or so)Collect BPs as much as possible for your upgrading research to maxed 110. Then continue earning bps with TPL run (While Merging samadhi)

- After level 110, It's up to you if you wanna level or stay at 110-115. Imagine 4k BPS for level 110 KCL run! (please correct me if i am wrong)

You can maxed 2 stat of your general using BPs, but take note,it will take a lots of BPs, If im not mistaken, for 1 general (e.g. NHC) I used 400k Bps to maxed him at level 110. (but still depends on luck)

For KC stage, Highly suggest please double stat wash your demoralizer already as much as you can. START IT ALREADY FOR PREPARATION. (If you dont want to suffer super normal damage) Doulbe stat wash your demoralizer. A noble 10 samadhi isn't enough for a general not enlight the STR. You can pass it even though you not wash his STR but, needs luck for it. You will waste lots of rallies for that luck. Suggested Main Generals above highly suggest now to wash 2 stat. (Well, Some people will use as Generals which are combine both str and bravery as their main attacker already, but if some are not, and still use normal generals, wash 2 stat.)

Well, for dancer (either Diao Chan or Cai Yan) Some using her still in King Chuang, Do not enlight her bravery, only a waste. Str only will do. Because her bravery is too low.. Remember that below 60 stat is not a good one to enlight. Only SSX of Wu kingdom is good to 2 stat wash.(Can use enchantment for boost STR) Well, some use her and put also behind of their tanker. Followed by Mr. Hong (HXQ) Drummer, the best drummer in this game so far. Enlight his STR is already fine, but suggest to wash 2-3 stats for him. For your 2nd drummer or 3rd drummer, Enlight his STR too will be fine. Because you may put them behind of your main general (it should be can dodge or can block superb!)

For the Casters/Siege, depends on the players whether he/she is VIP. For sure if VIP they will wash 3 stat. But still depends on the general overall stats. (Hong, ZGF, Guan Yu, Liu Bei, Zhao Yun and Siege wash 2 stat (Str and Bra) Casters like Zhuge Liang, Fa Zheng or Pang Tong most likely to triple enlight to survive in campaign.

* If your general can be reincarnate more, do it, do not wait, Time is precious.

-Prestige Farming - Prestige Boost and Maintaining Title tips
Most likely in maintaining prestige is to invest 3x 10 prosperity
ch level x2 x10
110 x2 x10 = 2200 prestige
x3 = 6600 everyday for ch lvl 110
and Use your free attack rally every reset (For King title and below) attack players MW-EOS, more likely attack 7x a day to maintain it. Farm people you know you can get 900+ prestige or so.
Prestige boost in doing campaign: You can do campaign too after RW = Prestige that you will earn from fighting and participating at RW.
Prestige boost help you pass campaign = gives you increase attack and decrease damage taken by (depends on title)

-After you level 110, Maxed your Training Ground III, for more EXP! Maxed your reincarnation at that level and use your tokens for faster training! Late Game Stages has no Scenario which includes only tokens. Suggest, do Battle of Puyang or Hulao in LuBu Stage.
-Start collecting Jades too for your enchantment of gears. Jades can be get from Scenario in Taiping, Qing, King Chuang, Ming, etc, etc. each chest there includes jades,silvers,tokens and battle points.(see enchantment guide at useful links below)

-For me I always research 1st my defense.(Juggernaut, Plate Armor,Unbreakable Lines, Divine Providence) Followed by the Offensive Strength (Honed Steel and Martial Prowess or Gears of Power if so) since i am focus in campaign. But it's up to you, if you want to research your offensive research  first before defensive one. Superior Tactician,Reinforcing Vigor and Herbalism should be maxed already after or before LuBu.

-Scarcity of Grains at this Level of game! Doing campaign makes you losing many grains. So keep storing grains as much as possible, so you don't have to worry..

- for corrective actions, can't pass elite some elite armies? Need help what formation to be used?

About Late Game by Lady (me)
About Shu Prestige Generals  by Lady (me)
NON-VIP Enlightenment Method  by Ruzzenwarz
Kirin Scouting Method  by Cloud Smile
Getting Purple Books  by Eishi
Enchantment by Aihayashi

Gambit Build in Late Stages BRs [s3] by kirii (me)
Gambit Build in Late Stages BRs [s4] by Khanh
KC BRs by Fuck3rs
Mongol, Jin-Liao, etc  by Bach
Siege/Casters in Late Stages  by Jiang Wei

*Start Scouting your kirin or maybe before you already start. In late game, red horse damage is not higher already compare to a purple horse. Don't forget that Scouting for it makes you stop for enhancement in a long time if you pursue it.

*That's why i preferring to focus clearing campaign than be a crazy bullier in other kingdoms is because it's a big advantage that you unlock and doing scenario early in the game means you already beat them when it comes to silver and progress tokens, jades that really help a lot to become stronger.

*Well Enjoy this game that's all. Having friends makes this game more alive and fun!
Please watch also the Three Kingdoms Series:
So you will have more inspiration and interest to play of this game, especially for Shu Kingdom.


Campaign PVP

VI. My Guides and Threads

Thanks to my s3-Shu Family, Legions and Masters. Thanks also to my Blog Analyzer, who is the one I always ask if my article and threads are good. (Hehe!) - Kaichou, s3.
-Kirii, s3

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